About Us

We’re making retirement easier and accessible for all.

Tens of millions of baby boomers are entering retirement, and are struggling to convert their savings into a retirement paycheck that lasts for the rest of their life. Some will spend too much and run out of money. Others will spend too little and deprive themselves unnecessarily. Americans need help, especially if they can't afford a financial advisor.

For PensionPlus members, the benefits are clear: they get a lifelong paycheck while remaining in complete control of their savings. (No transfer of assets is required.) In addition, PensionPlus monitors their spending and withdrawals, adjusting the plan as needed. By creating an easy and affordable retirement income solution, PensionPlus aims to democratize retirement security for all Americans.

We're Different

Total Control
PensionPlus gives you lifelong income but, unlike an annuity, requires no transfer of assets. You remain in complete control of your savings, which continue to grow in your retirement savings account. If you no longer want your PensionPlus paycheck, you can cancel anytime.

When it comes to retirement, there is no one-size-fits all solution. Only PensionPlus lets you customize your paycheck to fit your goals, needs and preferences. We’ll even help you maximize your Social Security benefit.

Inflation Protection
Many retirement income products don’t adjust for inflation, which can leave retirees vulnerable to rising prices. PensionPlus automatically adjusts your paychecks for inflation, ensuring that your purchasing power stays the same over time.

Annual Bonus
If your portfolio does well, PensionPlus gives you an annual bonus, allowing you enjoy the upside of your investments. You can put the bonus towards your bucket list or save it for a rainy day. It’s up to you!

The PensionPlus team is a unique combination of entrepreneurs that have built large companies and world-class academics. Shlomo Benartzi, a co-founder and PensionPlus CEO, has already helped more than 15 million Americans save more for retirement.